Many of the corporate tasks performed by shipping businesses around the world are cyclical with high intensity in some periods and low in other periods.

Dedicated to global shipping, we offer a high quality, flexible and cost-efficient alternative to in-house management support offices.

Administrative savings from using our services

✓  Avoid fixed administration cost
✓  No employee “down time”
✓  Zero cost in less busy periods

Added values

✓  Apply best industry practices
✓  Free up time for front-line executives
✓  Keep a slim and agile organisation
✓  Customised visual identity
✓  Independent, third-party perspective

Our fees (USD excl. VAT)

Standard hourly rate on demand: $250 per hour
For single tasks of min. 20 hours duration: $225 per hour
Support office subscription (40 hours per month): $200 per hour

We will also be pleased to offer a fixed rate for specified tasks